Max's English Proiciency

Max has a moderate grasp on English vocabulary. He uses words the correct way, but sometimes he takes extra time to find a word he knows to describe what he wants to say. He adds an extra word in some instances such as “more easier.” When reading, it became clear that he doesn’t actually understand all of the words. Even after reading the whole book and looking at the pictures, he could not comprehend what a “relative” was.

Stages of:
  • Negation - Max uses negation properly in his interview for the most part. The only time he struggled was when responding that he didn’t know what a word meant. He said, “I don’t know what’s this.” Therefore, Max falls into the third stage of negation.
  • Questions - Max did not ask any questions in his interview, so his stage could not be assessed. He did understand all of our questions without much difficulty though.
  • Past Tense - Max avoids using past tense for the most part. On occasion when he does use it, it may or may not be correct. In one instance, he uses the word “was” correctly. In another case, however, he states, “everybody want to be my friend.”

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