a. Comprehension: Max is a 4 on the SOLOM scale. He understands normal, everyday speech with little difficulty. He occasionally requires some re-wording or repetitions to have a clear understanding of the questions he was asked.

b. Fluency: Max is a 3 in this category. During the interview, he frequently stopped to search for the correct words. Some lapses were short while others were quite long while he searched for the words he was trying to express.

c. Vocabulary:  Max is a 4 in vocabulary. Max occasionally has to rephrase his sentences or pause to find so he could find words that he knew. He does not use words in the wrong context or incorrectly.

d. Pronunciation: Max is a 4 in fluency. Although the listener can understand why he is saying, they are aware of a definite accent and he occasionally puts the emphasis on the wrong syllables of words.  

e. Grammar: Max is a 3 in grammar. He makes frequent grammatical errors and occasionally word order errors that inhibit the listener of the true meaning of what he is trying to say. He uses the terms “too much people” and “the school is more easier,” although these terms are the incorrect plural terms, it does not prevent the listener from understanding. In the word order error “They give me help by”  instead of “they help me,” the meaning is still understood. However, when Sara asks the question “What was it like to come here and not understand anything?”, Max talks about his cousins helping him, but the meaning beyond that is misunderstood by the listeners due to word order and possibly a fluency problem.

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